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simone herrera offers its customers an exclusive collection of hand-embroidered, high-quality sandals. In addition to the lovingly designed shoes, you will find exceptional bags in the range of the designer, which can be ideally combined with the shoe models. simone herrera is known for its sporty, elegant and sometimes colorful collections. The company was founded in 2009. “Stylish” and “extraordinary design” are, in addition to a high quality standard, the terms that describe simone herrera designs.


The newly launched online shop has many different models and something to suit every taste. In addition to the popular handmade toe sandals also high-quality bags and espadrilles are offered. From glass to rhinestones to pearls, there is a great variety of colors and materials. Every model of the “Chanclas”, as Simone Herrera calls her iconic thong sandals in Spanish, is unique. Whether on the beach, in the pool, shopping or at parties, the unique sandals are an eye-catcher! The high proportion of rubber makes the colorful shoes a must-have in summer. But even in winter they are fantastic companions for wellness days or relaxing weekends. Those who want to escape the cold temperatures have found the perfect partner for traveling to warm areas with their toe sandals.


Contrary to many other suppliers, simone herrera always pays attention to a high proportion of rubber in the selection of sandals in order to guarantee a high quality shoes – other than cheaper models from Asia. Here, “cheap” might be harmful to health since foam is used. If you buy Chanclas from simone herrera, you can always count on proper quality.


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